Footloose Magazine travelled to the Banni Grasslands in Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, in June, 2017, to document the DhanetaJats. The Dhanetas are nomads hailing from Greece, who are believed to have travelled for 600 years before establishing their nomadic life in this part of the world. It has been photographed before, but has not been featured in a magazine along with connected stories of their livelihood in Kutch and their culture. Along with this, Issue 2 is a women-centric issue portraying the strength and contribution of the women of the Rann in daily life and survival of life in this desert.


Sourjya Das (Chief Editor)
Goutam Panigrahi (Photo Editor)
Disha Mohanty (Assistant & Copy Editor)
RaktimChakravartthy (Art & Design Editor)
SamyakDhoke (Photo Editor)
Debanjan Ghosh (Photo Editor)



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