Footloose Magazine travelled to Longwa, Nagaland, in December, 2016 to cover the last of the Konyak Headhunters. Issue 1 not only focuses on the culture of the Konyaks, the least prosperous among all tribes in Nagaland, but also exhibits that of the Chakhesangs, one of the most prosperous tribes in Nagaland, which has a huge contribution in the development of the capital city of Kohima. Issue 1 also displays how the locals of Kohima have joined together to fight social evils in Kohima, like drug abuse and littering.


Sourjya Das (Chief Editor)
Disha Mohanty (Copy Editor)
Ankita Goswami (Assistant Editor)
Debanjan Ghosh (Photo Editor)
Goutam Panigrahi (Photo Editor)
Samyak Dhoke (Photo Editor)



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