The first philosophy to exploration is curiosity. The next is necessity. Footloose Magazine was founded in the year 2016 with a vision to document the most untouched or uncovered of cultures in the world, both because we are curious, and to know about the diversity of our own kind is necessary.

The idea of Footloose as a magazine came in 2015 with our Chief Editor conducting a solo documentation of the lives of Tibetan refugees in a small town in Himachal Pradesh. The documentation and research was submitted to the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala, where it is archived on this day. Since then, the idea was shared with more like-minded and talented individuals to put to trial with a team of researchers, photographers, on-field project correspondents and hospitality correspondents.

A tibetan refugee in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

We first travelled as the Footloose Team, in December, 2017, to Longwa, Nagaland, to document the lives of the last of the tattooed Konyak Headhunters. Our journey began then and it never stopped since. Our first issue on the Konyak Headhunters observed huge accolade from people interested in anthropology, photography, literature, journalism, history, art and culture.

Footloose Team with The Tribe Riders Club

Footloose became the first ever independent India-based exclusive culture magazine documenting single cultures and presenting them in the form of single issues.

Footloose Magazine is bi-annual with two projects and two publications every year. Drag your cursor to Issues tab and check out our expeditions.



Sourjya Das is the chief editor of Footloose Magazine and its co-founder. An attorney by profession, Sourjya is also a travel-writer and a city-scape sketch artist. Sourjya has travelled to some of the most unvisited and unexplored parts of India and is the planning head of Footloose expeditions.

Samyak Dhoke is the chief photographer of Footloose Magazine and its co-founder. A law student, his passion for documentary and travel photography makes him an asset to Footloose Magazine. Samyak is the head of networking in Footloose expeditions and takes active part in design and research for Footloose.

Debanjan Ghosh is a professional photographer and a business developer based in Kolkata and is a co-founder of Footloose Magazine. Specializing in portrait and street photography, Debanjan’s 9-year experience in photography has got him featured in various digital photography communities in Kolkata. Debanjan is an advising photographer and is involved in domestic projects for Footloose.

Editorial Team

Sourjya Das


Samyak Dhoke

Principal Photo Editor

Anwesa Guha

Assistant Editor

Richa Shandilya

Research and Designation Editor

Disha Mohanty

Assistant Editor

Krishna Mehta

Associate Content Editor

Priyal Shrivastava

Graphic and Creative Design Editor

Dhirendra Pandey

Design Editor