Issue 3 – The Dards of Hanu Releases on October 28

in Issue 3

Issue 3 features the Dards of Hanu. The Dards are the only living Aryans in the Himalayas, in Hanu Valley near Kargil. The locals also call them the Brukpas, but a respectable way to call them is by the name “Dards”.

Along with this, Issue 3 also exhibits various facets of the culture of the Ladakhi people. It passes a message to you, in other words, the urge of the Ladakhi people to start responsible tourism in Ladakh region since it has, over the years, witnessed massive disintegration in sanctity and environment due to rise of tourism.

Issue 3 introduces abstract monument autobiography, for the first time in Footloose Magazine, through the words of Anwesa Guha.

We release on October 28, 2018.

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