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We are sure you have read our issues. Footloose Magazine is an exclusively culture magazine. Thus, we accept contributions only relating to culture. We highly prefer contributions which focus on an aspect of culture and talks about a specific topic. We publish contributions under the Journal section.

Please keep in mind the following instructions before contributing:

  1. Your contribution has to be an article along with pictures.
  2. Articles should not contain more than 1000 words.
  3. Articles should have a proper title and name of the writer should be mentioned clearly in the article.
  4. Articles should not contain more than 15 pictures
  5. Articles should be shared in .DOC or .DOCX format only.
  6. Pictures should be shared in .JPEG format only.
  7. Pictures should be of HD quality
  8. Phone photography except by high-end camera phones (e.g One Plus, Iphone, Samsung and the like) will not be accepted.
  9. Text and pictures shall be subject to plagiarism check.
  10. Contributions once selected shall be informed via email and shall be published within 30 days since date of selection.
  11. Contributions previously published in any magazine / newspaper / journal / website will be rejected.
  12. If your article is not published within 45 days since your date of submission, it may be deemed to have been rejected.

Please note that our editorial observes a good number of contributions and we do take time to respond back to you. It may not be possible to reply back to you within a week, but that does not mean we haven’t checked your mail. We check each and every mail and respect each of our contributors.

Send us your work at and CC at

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