Experiences: Travel with Footloose To Ladakh​


Have you been wondering how we find our subject tribes and how we structure our itinerary? Footloose Magazine is not only presenting you with facts and stories this time, but also taking you to the subject villages. Footloose Experiences is finally here and we are starting with Issue 3 Venue in Ladakh.

How it works:

We are not a travel agency. We promote culture through travel. Thus, if you are a tourist who just wants to go to a place and relax, this might not be the right place to look at. We are particular about who is travelling with us in our expedition destinations.

Expedition Details:

  1. Footloose Experiences comprises 2 groups at each expedition destination.
  2. An explorer in such a group can be from any country.
  3. Each group travels in different months to the particular place.
  4. Each group consists of 10 explorers.
  5. The duration of each trip is 7 days exclusive of your arrival and departure date.
  6. Expedition starts from the city of Leh. Travel, accommodation, food and guiding shall be undertaken by Footloose correspondents from Leh.
  7. Expedition ends at Leh.

Selection Process:

  1. Submit a Statement of Purpose at editor@footloosemagazine.in with subject of your mail as “FMExp Ladakh”, where we expect to know about your passion and curiosity. Attach your social media handles to the mail (Instagram accounts should be public for this purpose).
  2. The above mail should be sent within a particular deadline as will be announced soon after the release of Issue 3.
  3. If your name is shortlisted for the expedition, you shall receive a mail regarding a short interview.
  4. Thereafter, you shall be given each and every little detail of the expedition.

What we want:

Truly, enough of sitting at home, reading a magazine and merely dreaming that you could have been there. This expedition is to make our readers have the same experiences as we do. What we want from you is a contribution to Footloose Journal after you have completed your expedition. It could be a photo essay or a short story or a video.

Additional Information:

Footloose Experiences is a concern of Footloose Studio Pvt. Ltd., a registered company in India. Footloose Studio Pvt. Ltd. organizes the above expedition in association with Discover Ladakh Adventures in Leh.

This expedition shall be conducted in June-September, 2019.

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